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Learning to fly a helicopter is probably one of the most satisfying things you will ever do!

Gaining your Helicopter Private Pilots Licence PPL(H)is a fantastic achievement and although at times challenging, a rewarding experience that will allow you the freedom to take to the skies.

When training for your helicopter licence you are required to reach a certain standard of flying proficiency within a minimum of 45 hrs of flying lessons; this is reduced by 6 hours if you already hold a private fixed wing licence PPL(A), of which 10 hrs must be solo and you must successfully complete a skills test.

To maintain the validity of your license you must demonstate to your instructor that you are competent, which normally requres a number of lessons dependant on the previous year's experience. You must then pass a flight proficiency test with an examiner during that period.

Syllabus (with effect from 17th September, 2012):

The helicopter private pilots licence course is designed as a structural training program with set exercises completed in a strict order. There are 9 ground school examinations which are all multiple choice and are integrated throughout the course. It is perfectly possible to pass all the necessary exams using a self study method, although help and guidance will always be given by your instructor.

The ground exams cover the following areas:

Additional training for ground exams is available at a small extra cost, so ask to be put in touch with our ground instructor.

Entry requirements for training:

Before being accepted for training you must have passed a medical examination and obtained a medical certificate from an approved Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). We can provide you with the contact details of our local AME.

Please note that students are trained to reach a required standard and this may, and normally does take more than the 45 hours referred to above. On average, in the R22 55 - 65 hours are required to reach the standard. Once you have gained the experience and knowledge necessary you will be ready to take the License Skills Test (LST) and consequently apply to the Civil Aviation Authority for the issue of your Privates Pilot’s Licence!

Helicopter flying lessons can be purchased by the hour; should you wish to purchase 10 hours flying time or more in one go (block), you will benefit from a discount as detailed below:

From 1st October, 2018

Robinson R22 helicopter flying lesson prices:
Robinson R44 helicopter flying lesson prices:
Additional information:

Prices exclude VAT - prices are subject to change due to fluctuating oil prices.

In all cases please note that Height and weight restrictions apply, please contact us for more details.


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